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Picture: Basic Evaluation Kit

Low latency Multi-channel USB 2.0 Audio

USBPAL  is a USB 2.0 high speed multi-channel high performance audio interface solution for Windows PC and MAC OS X. It is available for integration into your products by a simple licensing scheme.

· Audio ASIO and WDM Interface for Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / W7 / W8  32/64bit

· PCM audio and DSD audio (8in, 8out)

· DSD tested with players such as JRiver, HQ Player, Foobar, MixJuice, ...

· 44.1 - 384KHz (DxD) and 64x (2.8MHz) and 128x DSD (5.6MHz)

. full asynchronous audio design

· best jitter performance with dual oscillators

· Apple OS X 10.7 - 10.8 Driver for core audio interface

· Low latency kernel driver with integrated mixer

· Flexible signal flow

· Source code for control panel (example) for Visual C++

· Source code hardware control service Visual C++

· Firmware and FPGA image

· Extensive SDK and Documentation

· Hardware Documentation (Schema/Layout/BOM)

· Fully OEM able

. [USB Bus power support*

No Firmware or FPGA development is required. Optional licensable FGPA code for custom HW processing. Support for Spartan 3E100/250 FPGA (others on request).