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Our Technologies


Embedded Prozessors

We have a rich experience in the design of Silicon, contract work with new ASIC's/SoC's or conventionally available silicon. For high-security solutions, we are using for example security IC's from Atmel IC. With great efficiency we can develop embedded hardware drivers fo your on-board SoC hardware blocks and ensure perfect PC Connectivity with customer specific or standard drivers.

Operating Systems

We have developed drivers for Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Linux, and licensed those in quantities. Core expertise is available for ThreadX real-time core, eCos and Nucleus RTOS. OSEK Compliance and AutoSAR architecture complement our many years experience experience in this field.

Electronic Design

We provide the complete chain for hardware development, design of schematics, PCB layout, prototyping and industrialization. We also organize production, both for small volumes (pilot series) as well as for mass manufacturing (CEM). The development of mechanical components is also part of our business.


For the connection of various devices with computer systems, we provide reliable solutions with the following technologies: USB 2.0 High Speed, WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM / GPRS, Ethernet, TCP / IP routing, ARP, DHCP, Rendezvous, UPnP



Long Range Wireless, Low Power High Speed Data links for measuring instruments in outdoor and underground use or critical industrial areas.

Digital Home (DLNA)

We have a many years experience in the development of Digital Home Equipment (MP3, WMA, ACC), in particular with USB device and Ethernet interfaces. Our products meet the requirements for DLNA and P4S.