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Precision Measurement

The electronics for industrial measurement has developed quite rapidly in the last years. Besides of pure digitization of the measured values, nowadays the sensor and sensor groups are linked in order to provide the values in real time even for complex industrial setups. This enables to stear processes quite precisely and shortens the process  time and cost considerably.


In all areas of industrial plants, transportation facilities, construction projects or geotechnical surveillance dispositives, the computer, interfaces and network are the pillars for the modern communication.       


We develop systems for precision measurement electronis, starting from analog components for condioning of signals of sensors, digitization and transfer of digital data over intranet or internet for furher analysis on computer. The same holds for the  other way around, to transmit the commands of the computers over the network to specific steering elements to obtain the intended actions.


For complex and critical Applications we provide redundant System Solutions, for outdoor use in harsh environment as well as for underground mining. Our hardware is designed very robust, the software as intelligent part of the system continously verifies the proper functionality of the system and stears the data acquisition according to the specific requirements. For outdoor installations with self sustaining power supply the power distribution will be optimized for maximum availability of the measuring system.    


We also realize complex systems with special customer requirements, please contact us for a special consulting.