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RigiSystems AG
Bundesstrasse 3
CH 6300 Zug
Tel.: +41 41 712 10 44
Fax: +41 41 710 52 46

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Legal Notice

The Website (including Websites) from www.rigisystems.com are the internet appearance of RigiSystems AG, Bundesstrasse 3, CH 6300 Zug. If you access to any information on this Web Site you agree to be bound to the following regulations as well as to the provisions of the data privacy protection.   


Local Restrictions by Law

The access to the information on  this Website can be prohibited by local laws or regulations. The content should not been used by persons, which are not allowed to access the page or its content according to their legal system. Excepted as noted otherwise, the provision of the services by RigiSystems as presented on this Website is only addressed to persons with domicile in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.      


No Warranty

This Web Site was created with all reasonable care and diligence. However there is no warranty expressed or implied for the accuracy, correctness, completeness and actuality of the information provided. RigiSystems AG is not obligated to renew non actual information or to update any statement, nor to remove it or to designate that it is outdated. RigiSystems AG does not take any responsibility nor any warranty, that the functionality of the Website is free of errors and that the Website can be accessed at any time. 



Any liability for damage of any kind, including direct, indirect, special or consequential damage of any kind, which may arise from the use of this Website is excluded, as far there is no evidence on intend or gross negligence.. 


No Offer

The content on this Web Site is not representing any request, a offering recommendation of solicitation or a request for a quote. The content is merely meant to be used as information, which can be changed without any further announcement. It cannot be ruled out that the described products or services may not be fit for purpose or available. Before you are taking concrete decision or action, you should read any respective contracts and basic legal information as available.          


Usage of the Website

RigiSystems AG takes all reasonable care for the design and operation of its Website.   Nevertheless errors like as loss of data, data corruption, affection of viruses, interruption of operation and others cannot be excluded. The access to the Website is on your own risk. Please read in this context also the regulations concerning the private data protection.    


Intangible Property Right 

The total content of the Web Sites as provided here is protected by intangible property right. RigiSystems AG reserves all rights. If not designated else wise, all text, pictures and the layout of this Website are the exclusive property of RigiSystems AG or third parties, from which RigiSystems has received the right to use the content. It is not allowed to download, store, edit, use, copy or distribute content, in total or partial, especially not the Name, Logo, pictures or layout without the expressive written approval of RigiSystems AG. The download, and printing of pages from this Website as well as the presentation and use of this Website on a computer is allowed for personal use only. Copyright, branding and other legally protected designations should not be altered or removed. The content of this Website should –without prior written permission from RigiSystems AG - not be linked or deeply linked I total or partial. .    


Linked Web Sites  (Links)

The Websites of RigiSystems AG can include links to Websites of third parties. The content of such pages are not controlled or maintained by RigiSystems AG. RigiSystems AG cannot guarantee, that the links to other Websites are correctly working when using RigiSystems’s Website. In no case RigiSystems is liable for the content, the offered products or services as well as any offer offerings and compliance of data protection of any kind. The activation of any link happens at your own risk. RigiSystems dissociates expressively from all contents of all linked internet sites. This also holds for all continuative links.


Provision for Change

All information on this Website can be changed by RigiSystems AG at any time, without any previous notice.

RigiSystems AG reserves the right to change the legal notice from time to time. We kindly ask you to read the legal notice carefully on every access to the Website of RigiSystems AG and to check, if you agree with the said notice. 


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The use of the Website of RigiSystems AG and all legal are subject to the laws of Switzerland. Exclusive court of jurisdiction is Zug, Switzerland. 


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