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RigiSystems AG
Bundesstrasse 3
CH 6300 Zug
Tel.: +41 41 712 10 44
Fax: +41 41 710 52 46

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Office Locations

Mainstation of Zug
Banhof Zug

Our main office can be conveniently reached both by train and car. Our offices are just in a 2 minutes walk from the main station of Zug. There are public parking lots within walking distance to the office.

From the Airport: Zug is about 43km (26Mi) from the international 
Airport of Zürich.

By train (~40min
 from Airport and ~22min form Zürich HB
Click here for checking train schedules and fares.

By car from Airport Zurich (~50min)




Main Office

RigiSystems AG

Bundesstrasse 3

CH-6300 Zug


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RigiSystems AG

Gubelstrasse 11

CH-6300 Zug

Telefon: +41 41 511 22 76

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